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Your Ideas

So what are your ideas?  Do you have many?  If you’re not coming up with anything, that is a sign that you are disconnected from your own ideas and desires. 

Maybe you’ve been avoiding yourself for so long that you don’t even know what you want to create.

Maybe you don’t even believe it’s possible to take your ideas from your brain and make them real, so you just stop having new ideas.  You just keep going through the motions.

But you are more powerful than you think.  

Start by going back and finding evidence for all the ideas that you have that you turned into reality. 

Look at your current life and all the results you have created.

List your accomplishments, your results, your current circumstances, and your current possessions.  Looking at every single thing you currently have in your life is something that was once just an idea (a thought) in your head.

Once you’ve seen the totality of your own personal creation, you’ll have a solid foundation to start.

Next week I’ll ask you what problems you want to solve, what things you wish you could do, and what you want to achieve before you die.  

What are the ideas you have that you are hiding, or maybe not even aware of, that you would like to make into reality?

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